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We have been attending Comic Cons regularly for a while now and so we like to think we have a good eye for fresh Cosplay ideas. Here is our run down on what costume to wear for Comic Con in 2019.

10. Mary Poppins

You can look practically perfect in every way if you decide to do a Mary Poppins Cosplay. Fresh from a December 2018 release, Mary Poppins Returns scored a 78% on Rotten Tomatoes and is our number 10 pick. Being a classic Disney character is always going to make her a fun Cosplay to do, but having a new movie means a whole new look and if you can put it together, it is sure to go down supercalafragilistically at Comic Con in 2019.

9. Spider Gwen

Into the Spiderverse has been lauded as an artistic feast for the eyes. It scored 97% on the trusty Rotten Tomatoes review and rightly so. One of our favourite characters from the movie and in at number 9 on our list is Spider Gwen. Due to having her own stand alone comic since 2015, her popularity from a Cosplay point of view has grown and we have seen a few Spider Gwens on our travels over the past couple of years at Comic Con. But with a great new movie comes a great new responsibility to Cosplay the fresh new Gwen that we have come to know and love. Click here to check out our new Spider Gwen Hood.

8. Eleven

Stranger Things Season 3 is set to be released July 4 – yes, Independence Day. That isn’t as fitting as I would like it to be but I am guessing that our young heroes would like this season to bring them some independence from those pesky demogorgons and the like. That’s the best I could do. Now, from the looks of the newly released images, Eleven has some new threads – a baby blue shirt teamed with some high waisted striped trousers. This looks a good option but if not, there is always the classic Eleven that is currently still the most iconic of all. Click here to shop our store.

7. Jasmine

Following the success of various live action Disney movies, it was somewhat inevitable that Aladdin would come around eventually. It was not inevitable however that Will Smith would star as Genie, which is in itself, reason enough to go see this movie. Taking up the female lead (and our number 7 spot) is the beautiful Naomi Scott as Jasmine. From a first look, her costume looks to be fairly consistent with the original animated movie, so not quite a whole new world after all.

6. Betty Cooper or any of the River Vixens

Group Cosplay alert! If you’re looking for a Cosplay you can do with your squad, our number 6 is the one for you. 3 highly successful seasons has seen Riverdale gain a huge following of fans for what was originally a comic produced by Archie Comics. As every American High School girl should, you have options here. Click here for the classic cheerleader look, or for a more casual option, click here to go with the Vixens training kit.

5. Anne Wheeler

Into the top 5! The hugely popular The Greatest Showman took the world of Cinema by storm in 2018 and its popularity will continue long into 2019. American singer and actress Zendaya plays the female lead, who we think will be a really good option to Cosplay this year. You won’t exactly be re-writing the stars whilst freezing your ass off in the line outside Comic Con, but you will have the last laugh once you get into that hot and stuffy atmosphere. I know you know what I’m talking about. Click here to shop the look!

4. Dr Who

Ok so you’re going to see a lot of 13th Doctors at Comic Con this year, but there’s a bunch of good reasons for that. Firstly, you get to wear braces. Mustard coloured braces. Secondly, you don’t need to travel through time to know that this is the first EVER female Doctor. So grab your sonic screwdriver and prepare to completely own Comic Con this year – Jodie’s Doctor is our number 4 and you can find her complete outfit by clicking here.

3. Captain Marvel

2019 is a big year for Marvel, not least because we finally welcome Captain Marvel to the big screen. Another strong female lead in Brie Larson not only makes for a great movie, but also a great potential Cosplay. You can be confident that she will eventually assemble with the rest of the Avengers at some point and you can be just as confident if you want to assemble a Captain Marvel Cosplay.

2. Sabrina Spellman

With the success of the aforementioned Riverdale, Archie Comics have teamed up with Netflix to bring back Sabrina. It’s fitting that she is our number 2, as season 2 is set to drop as soon as this April. This interpretation of the comic is much darker than the 90’s kids TV programme and goes by the original name – The chilling adventures of Sabrina. This will be one spooky Cosplay to look out for Witches!! Take a closer at Sabrina’s coat by clicking here and find her dress just here.

1. Daenerys Targaryan

Unless you have been living under a rock this last year, you will be aware that Game of Thrones is about to make its final bow. With this in mind, 2019 will be a huge year for all Daenerys Targaryan Cosplay and you will be treated as a Queen/Khaleesi at which ever Comic Con you deem fit. Extra points if you can get your hands on or put together her white fur coat, winter has come after all.