It isn’t always easy putting together a cosplay in time for Comic Con, especially when there are so many characters you love and not enough hours in the day. Here’s an idea – get yourself a ‘Con Hoodie’.

Since launching our first range of hoodies back in 2014, we learned that they are a superb alternative to making a full cosplay costume. Not only are they not as time consuming and expensive, but they keep you warm whilst you are queuing for entry and EVERYTHING else you queue for at Con. They are even great for getting you to and from your hotel during your stay.

Just for you guys, we have arranged the latest and greatest all in one place – enjoy and then decide, which will be your Con Hoodie in 2020?

7. Assassins Creed

The Assassins Creed hoodie has become somewhat iconic over the last few years at Comic Con due to the nature of the Assassin’s hooded garment in the hugely popular gaming franchise. This cool hoodie allows you to go unnoticed as you blend in with the crowd, just like Ezio and the other Assassin’s. You can also purchase different coloured hoods to swap and change as you wish.

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6. Game of Thrones

If you are looking for something a little more subtle in terms of a costume or outfit, then look no further. This Jon Snow (Targaryen!!) inspired hooded jacket is the ideal item if you just want to give a nod to GOT but don’t want to spend hours wearing a full suit of heavyweight armour!

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5. Black Panther

Now this hoodie is for those who are wayyyyy ahead of the curve in terms of who they are reppin’ at Comic Con this time around. The Black Panther 2 release date isn’t until 2022, but being as the first movie was so successful, we would encourage you to start the hype as soon as humanely possible. It comes with attached ears too, which is reason enough to make this your new con hoodie for sure!

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4. Venom

The characters of the new Venom movies couldn’t be more well suited to a full face hoodie. The way they zip up and enclose around your face is as if you’re being engulfed by an all powerful symbiote. The bond you have with this hoodie will be equally as strong too and you’ll be right on point for the release of the second movie!

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3. Miles Morales

If you’re a Spidey fan but don’t want to look like all those other Spider-man’s out there, this Miles Morales hoodie is your answer. Being as it is black, it is way more practical and subtle too. It will also give you some longevity as the release date of the highly anticipated sequel, Into the Spiderverse 2, is set for 2022.

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2. Deadpool

Whilst the release date of Deadpool 3 is yet to be announced we do know that a third instalment of the movie franchise has been confirmed. What better way to celebrate than wearing this full face hoodie to make you look just like the foul mouthed mercenary as you “wade” (pardon the pun) through the comic con crowds.

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1. Spider Gwen

Besides Into the Spiderverse 2, another Spider-Gwen based film is in the works. Apparently, it will be a Spider-Women spin-off and see the character teaming with Silk and the version of Spider-Woman called Jessica Drew. This costume inspired hoodie is a great nod to the character without going full spandex!

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