We are well and truly in the thick of Comic Con season and if it seems like there is always one just around the corner, that’s because there is. What do I need to take to Comic Con you ask? Well, here is your step by step guide on what you’re going to need for your big trip to Comic con.

1. A good backpack

This is a must have. It’s a long day/weekend so not only will you need something to carry your supplies in to begin with, you are also going to potentially amass more items as the day/weekend goes on. Make no mistake about it, Comic Con is no place for one strapping – two strap, always.

2. Water bottle

It goes without saying but, Comic Con is one sweaty affair and hunting out the best merch really is thirsty work indeed. It doesn’t take the wisdom of Yoda to tell you that staying hydrated is a good idea. Save money and the environment by taking your own bottle and refill it throughout the day.

3. All the snacks

When you get inside the convention centre, you are often restricted to buying food from the vendors. Be aware, it can be a little pricey. A top tip is to take a good variety of your own favourite snacks. A good old fashioned packed lunch for the win!

4. Comfortable shoes

Comic Con will most certainly have you exceeding your step count for the day. By the time you reach the last hour or so, your feet will really thank you if you have been wearing comfortable shoes. Now obviously we understand that certain cosplays cannot be compromised with any old footwear, but a spare pair would definitely not go amiss if you can fit them in.

5. Costume

This is an obvious one but, Comic Con is exactly where you should be showcasing your Cosplay skills. It’s not for everyone and there are other options (see below) but if it is your thing, it really is your chance to be a hero for the day. Prepare to be showered with compliments and asked for photographs galore, that is assuming your costume is on point of course. For said on point costumes, click here.

6. Con Hoodie

Whilst you may want to Cosplay for Comic Con, an alternative option is some casual wear that offers a nod to your favourite character. Cosplayer’s alike may also find a hoodie useful for travelling to and from the show and for chilling in the hotel. Take a look for your new Con hoodie right here.

7. A smile

If you have a complete nightmare and forget everything else, just remember the most important thing is a smile – be assured, you will need it more than anything else!