So you’re planning to go to that Halloween party this year and you need some group costume ideas for you and your squad. We have here, 8 of the best group Halloween costume ideas that will work perfectly for a couples costume, a family costume or one gigantic group costume – the more the merrier!

8. Game of Thrones

It’s time to wrap yourself in faux fur and head North of the wall with your house flag flying high. Make sure winter finally comes this Halloween with some group Game of Thrones cosplay costumes.

7. Riverdale

If you’re really looking to slay Halloween this year, you will improve your chances by doing so as the Riverdale Vixens and co. It can’t be stressed enough, this is so perfect for a girls group costume idea it hurts. Shop the look here.

6. Gotham Villains

With the new Joker movie now smashing box office records, how better to celebrate than by donning the threads of Gotham’s finest? Maybe finally somebody could then, err…kill the Batman. Perfect for a group or couples costume idea, wouldn’t you agree? Shop the new Joker look here and the new Harley look here.

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5. Westworld

Ride into your Halloween party in a haze of gun smoke with your outlaw gang in tow. These Westworld costumes will have you winning just about any costume shootout and are the perfect option for a couples costume too. Shop the look here.

4. Stranger Things

All things strange are embraced over Halloween season, so why not take it by the demogorgan horns and pedal your pushbike straight back to the eighties with some Stranger Things group cosplay costumes. Shop the look here.

3. Dr Who

Ok so arriving in the Tardis may be out of the question but modern day public transport is good enough for any time traveller.  Draw your sonic screwdrivers for which Doctor you go as, or all go as the same one for maximum Halloween impact! Shop the look here.

2. Greatest Showman

Ladies and gentleman, this is the moment you’ve waited for, it’s time to put your best foot forward and show the doubters who you are!!  These Greatest Showman costumes are ideal for a family and group costumes. Shop the look here.

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1. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

What an opportunity to have yourself a dark baptism this Halloween with your favourite Witches. Another great group costume idea for the girls, it’s our number one pick! Shop the look here.

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