San Diego Comic Con, San Diego CA , July 18-21

Probably the most well know Con in the World 2018 saw nearly 200,000 people in San Diego for comic con related events and exhibits. 

WonderCon  Anaheim CA March 29-31
Walker Stalker Con All over the world
ComicPalooza  Houston, TX May 10-12
Salt Lake Comic Con Salt Lake City, UT  April 19-20
BlizzCon Anaheim, CA  October 25-29
TwitchCon San Jose, CA October 20-22
DragonCon Atlanta, GA September 1-4
New York Comic-con New York October 3-6
Emerald City Comic-con Seattle, WA – March 14-17  
Heroes Con  Charlotte, NC  June 14-16
Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) Chicago, IL March 22-24
MegaCon Orlando, FL May 16-19