We have been attending Comic Cons now for over 5 years and so we like to think we have a good eye for fresh Cosplay ideas. Here is our run down on what to Cosplay in 2019.

Cosplay Company chooses John Wick at 10

10. John Wick

He’s back, with a $14m bounty on his head and the target of hit men and women everywhere! Halle Berry is in on the action this time and appears to be a dog lover just like John. Director Chad Stahelski revealed that Halle actually trained the dogs for months to add to the authenticity of their attack sequences…. good girl! Getting back to Mr Wick, if you have the hair and brooding looks all you need is the suit and this cosplay is for you!

Cosplay Company chooses Dustin at 9

9. Dustin Henderson, Stranger Things

Possibly not the obvious choice but Stranger Things is set to have another big year. With 1980’s style inspiring mainstream fashion, this year is the perfect time to update your wardrobe with items that can be worn casually and at comic con. Click here for inspiration.

Cosplay Company chooses Marvels Avengers at 8

8. Avengers

End Game is going to be huge, there’s no getting away from it. So, you know what they say – if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. How many Avengers are there now? You have a huge choice that’s for sure and if you are looking for a group Cosplay, then look no further.

Cosplay Company chooses The Punisher at 7

7. The Punisher

Frank Castle returns to Netflix to exact more violent revenge. His trademark bulletproof vest with the spray painted skull is ever present and if you can get your hands on or craft a replica, you’re going to get plenty of attention at comic con in 2019.

Cosplay Company chooses David Dunn of Glass at 6

6. David Dunn

Glass is one of this year’s first big blockbusters, but it will also provide you with a Cosplay that should set you apart at comic con in 2019. David Dunn could have chosen any profession, but he chose to put on that security poncho and protect people, will you do the same?

Cosplay Company chooses Miles Morales at 5

5. Miles Morales, Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse

Miles was introduced alongside Gwen (Top 10 female cosplays) and a host of others in arguably the best, and definitely most fun, Spider-man film of the lot. In a (comic-con) world where everyone’s looking for the newest Spider-man cosplay Miles will be a sure fire hit this year. Get Miles’ Hoodie here!

Cosplay Company chooses David Harber as Hellboy at 4

4. Hellboy

Coming to screens in April a new incarnation of Hellboy sees David Harbour take the lead roll. Writer Andrew Cosby has said the film will be a “darker, more gruesome version of Hellboy”. Expect to see masks (and red body paint) a-plenty at cons this year!

Cosplay Company chooses Shazam! at 3

3. Shazam!

Billy Batson a streetwise 14 year old can transform into an adult superhero by shouting one word- Shazam! In his heyday Shazam was more popular than Superman…. granted this heyday was a while ago, but this year he’s back! This film will see DC breaking with tradition as this superhero doesn’t take himself too seriously. All you cosplayer spandex suit lovers out there, this one’s for you!

Cosplay Company chooses John Snow at 2

2. Jon Snow, Game of Thrones

The male lead in the biggest TV show of all time, it’s impossible to ignore Lord Snow in 2019. When costume designers revealed they used an ikea rug to create his cape, sales at the Swedish furniture store went into overdrive. Guys it’s time to start growing your hair in preparation…. Winter is here and here!

Cosplay Company chooses Joker at 1

1. Joker

The iconic character gets his own origins film this year. Cosplay fans will be falling over themselves to recreate the new incarnation… and we might just be able to help. Keep an eye on our new arrivals in 2019!

If that isn’t enough to get you excited for the comic cons in 2019 then honestly, cosplay isn’t for you!

Cosplay Love

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