No Comic Cons in 2020

As the Covid 19 pandemic set in a few months back, lots of events across the globe began to inevitably be cancelled. Even our beloved Comic Cons were falling by the wayside, leaving thousands of disappointed ticket holders clutching their costumes tightly. Looking at the official announcements on social media, it seems like it might be next year by the time they return. So as that realisation sets in, we start to look for the next available opportunity to get our costume on and get together with our best-est pals – hello Halloween!

San Diego Comic Con announces it’s cancellation

Will Halloween be cancelled in 2020?

We can’t be entirely certain. Amongst other big organisations, Universal are yet to post much in the form of updates for their famous Halloween horror nights, but as it stands, they are open for business – almost as usual. Other Halloween festivals and events however have announced cancellations and there has even been talk stirring around the net that people will be too frightened to go trick or treating due to the risks of catching the virus. Fear not my Halloween homies.

Universal Studios are open for business, but masks are mandatory

Costumes help to inspire hope

It’s not all doom and gloom out there. Throughout the global lockdowns, costumes have somewhat become a beacon of hope! There have been many examples of you regular guys and gals out there donning some wonderful outfits in order to inspire hope in the fight against Coronavirus. We’ve seen costumes worn during organised #clapforourcarers. We seen an idea to have an early Halloween Holiday called #quarantineoween go viral – with over 5000 people sharing their pictures on Instagram. We have seen people dressing in costume just to take out their bins/trash, all in the name of boosting morale. Businesses have even been organising regular video meetings where all employees must wear a costume. It’s been really amazing to see and be a part of.

Mari-Louise Candiotes ( and family have been slaying lockdown in costume

How to celebrate Halloween 2020 safely

Circumstances are always changing but lets just make the assumption that things are no better come October 31st. The least we can do is have our own Halloween house party – so long as it is within the government guidelines of course. You could organise a Halloween themed Quiz night via a video call, don’t forget your costumes though. What about taking it to the next level and organising a Halloween street party with your neighbours, just remember to social distance. Trick or treating could still be a viable option, but in addition to social distancing – we would recommend wearing gloves if dipping your hand in a several different candy jars. With a full moon in the dark sky, you could head out on your own spooky Halloween walk, this is a great idea for both kids and big kids too.

This is Katie. Katie had a Stranger things party at home. Katie is cool. Be like Katie

Halloween may just save 2020

We like to think that Halloween 2020 may be a big turning point in the fight against Coronavirus, we have already seen the good and the hope that has come from wearing costumes over the last 3 months and I don’t see that trend changing come October. We as a people need some light relief and a reminder that things will soon take a turn for the better. So with those worrying thoughts of Halloween being cancelled, safely put to the back of our minds – let’s make like an unlikely hero, throw on our Halloween costumes and get ready to party!

Check out some of our costumes here

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