With 2018 fading into the distance we can look forward to some upcoming releases in 2019.  The big studios have pencilled in release dates so the countdown (and hype) can begin!

1. January – Glass

M Night Shamalan is back with the third film in the Eastrail 177 Trilogy that started in 2000 with Unbreakable.  All the signs are that the director is back to his best (let’s face it there was a bit of a rough patch a few years ago) and we’re looking forward to seeing Mr Glass and co.

As with all Shamalan’s best films , expect the unexpected!

2. March – Captain Marvel

Arguably the most anticipated superhero film this year sees the introduction of Captain Marvel.  This is Marvel’s fist female led movie and trailers have given little away, although last week it was revealed that Jude Law will be playing Mar-Vell.  Expect to see a heavy cosplay presence at Comic Cons…. 2019 could well have found its Captain!

3. April – Avengers:Endgame

Fair to say this will be the biggest superhero film in 2019.  With several cast members revealing this will be their last film as Avengers it remains to be seen how Thor, Black Widow, Captain America, Bruce Banner and Iron Man will bring back their vanquished allies for one last royal rumble with Thanos.

4. June – Toy Story 4

With Andy growing up and leaving for college Toy Story 3 seemed like the end of an era.  Thankfully Woody, Buzz and the gang weren’t ready to say goodbye after all!  After teasing fans for years Disney finally seem ready to take us on a new adventure this summer.  Details are sparse however the trailers have revealed a new character: Forky who appears to be one of the main characters this time around.

Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio star in Columbia Pictures ÒOnce Upon a Time in Hollywood”

5. July – Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

With Tarantino directing an outrageously good cast (Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Margot Robbie and Al Pacino) this has to be great… right?!

6. September – IT : Chapter 2

Part one was a runaway success breaking box office records as it grossed $700 million in 2017.  Pennywise is back 27 years after the events of the first film.  The Losers Club are all grown up and return to their childhood home to face the horror once again.

7. December – Joker

The calculated secrecy surrounding the origins movie for one of DC’s best loved villains will keep fans in suspense for most of this year.  Few would argue that on the face of it Joaquin Phoenix is an inspired choice to play the lead role.  The film tells the story of unsuccessful stand-up comedian Arthur Fleck, who is driven to insanity by society’s failure to recognise his comic genius, and transforms into the psychotic, anarchist mastermind we love to hate.

if that isn’t enough to get you excited for the year ahead then honestly, cinema isn’t for you!

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