Who could have guessed when we packed up after MCM Birmingham in 2019 it would be two whole years until we’d get to another Comic Con.  Well the wait is nearly over!

There have been false starts with events tentatively arranged and then cancelled, but this time it feels real, this time it feels right!  So what will Comic Con in 2021 look like?

In short, nobody really knows.  There’ll be the covid formalities to adhere to:

  • Proof of COVID status upon entering the NEC.
  • Reduced capacity to help with social distancing- anyone who has ever attended comic con will struggle to imagine how an event can be held and at the same time ensure physical distancing, so we’ll have to see how this works in practice.
  • Mask friendly event- whilst not compulsory masks are encouraged.
  • Enhanced cleaning- this will be something we will take extra care to ensure at our pop up shop, with sanitizer available.

Whilst it feels a bit strange to imagine so many people coming together there is genuine excitement to get back to con life and after all this time everyone’s going to appreciate it even more.

We’re expecting some pretty epic cosplays since everyone’s had 2 years to work on them… but for those still needing some help, take a look at our shop here.

Time away allowed us to focus on what is the most popular at our comic con pop ups. 

Building on this we have added a new range of hoods to our ‘Stay In Character’ collection (they’re so new we don’t yet have photos but keep an eye on our insta).  Inspired by the original Assassin’s Creed hoods we have evolved our collection to use the hood as fashion accessory which includes a detachable face mask. (Masks are here to stay it seems.)

We’ve spent a long time researching, improving and getting them right and we are super excited to see everyone’s reaction.

…..And old favourites

Our super soft full zip hoodies are always in demand and we’ll have the ever popular Deadpool, Venom, Miles Morales and Black Panther styles, but also our new Gwen Stacey hoodie will be making a debut appearance – check it out.

Let’s all get excited, MCM Bringham 2021 is going to be one hell of a celebration….  We look forward to seeing you there!