San Diego Comic Con International is the epicentre of a modern day phenomenon that has changed the way people celebrate their on screen heroes.

What began in 1970 with less than 300 comic book enthusiasts has transformed into a 4 day extravaganza involving movie studios, corporate sponsors and over 150,000 people.  Its success has spawned similar festivals in cities around the world (a list of the biggest in the UK can be found here).

There are all kinds of Gremlins at Comic Con.

The growth has in part been down to Hollywood bringing comic books to the big screen and broadening the fan base.  The events also coincide with an increasing willingness of people to spend money on live entertainment and FOMO – nobody wants to miss the best Con yet!

Critics argue that Comic Con has become too corporate and threatens to lose the magic that made it so special in the first place.  Others point out that these events are a reflection of mainstream appeal and should be celebrated not sneered at.  Either way, few would argue that the growth of Comic Con shows no sign of slowing down any time soon.

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