It’s never too soon to get excited for Halloween, this year even more so!  In no particular order ,here are our picks for women’s Halloween costume ideas 2020:

Harley Quinn Birds of Prey Halloween costume

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Overalls, jumpsuit, dungarees call them what you will, as soon as Harley appeared in the movie posters covered in gold diamonds, it was always going to be a big look.  Complete with velvet pink crop top and home made “Wanna Play” mallet if you fancy being extra crafty. 

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Many of the early on set photos of the Birds of Prey movie showed Harley wearing a pair of denim shorts (stars and stripes pattern) together with a pink top and braces.  This core look is accessorised with a typically unique caution tape jacket and explicit t shirt at different points during the film. 

Sabrina Spellman The Chilling Adventures Halloween costume

Get your team colours here.

As soon as The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina arrived on our screens in 2018 Sabrina become a cosplay and Halloween icon.  This year’s no different, with her Baxter High cheerleader debut, there’s never been a better time to join the Ravens! 

Dolores Abernathy Westworld Halloween costume

You can look as bad-ass as Dolores here

Westworld was back on our screens again this year for season 3, don’t worry we’re not entirely sure we follow it either!  Regardless, Halloween is the perfect time to re-visit the iconic bad-ass Dolores look. 

Carol Baskin Tiger King Halloween costume

Got to love that Leopard print tie die

Need someone to blame in 2020, it’s Carol Baskin.  Undoubtedly the show of the year has been Netflix’s Tiger King.  Turn up at a party in tie die and a flowered headband, preferably accompanied by a Joe Exotic and you’ve won Halloween.

13th Doctor Dr Who Halloween costume

Get the full 13th Doctor look here

As soon as she appeared on our screens everyone loved Jodie Whitaker’s 13th Doctor style.  The trench coat, striped t-shirt, turquoise trousers and mustard braces have become iconic and with a new series (hopefully) just around the corner now is the time to get the look. 

Riverdale Vixens Cheerleader Halloween costume

Go Vixens! Join the Cheer squad here

Season 4 of the well established Netflix series dropped this year.  Cheryl Blossom, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge and Toni Topaz want you to join the Vixens this Halloween. 

Eleven Stranger Things Halloween Costume

Friends don’t lie, this is the best Eleven costume out there

Filming for Season 4 has been held up because of Coronavirus, however there is hope that the release date will be this autumn.  As the seasons have evolved so has Eleven’s look however the most iconic remains the pink dress and sports socks from season one. 

Disney’s Mulan 2020 Halloween costume

Find yourself a red robe fit for a warrior!

Disney have been busy making live action remakes for the last few years and this is the big one for 2020.  Liu Yifei stars along with a host of Chinese legends. 

Marvel’s Wonderwoman 1984 Halloween costume

Take a look at Diana’s iconic blue dress here

This sequel has been hyped for well over 12 months and if the first film is anything to go by it’s well deserved.  The strength of the character set in the 80’s with the retro fashion and music has got to be a recipe for success. Now get yourself a Godkiller and follow the WWGotYourBack hashtag on instagram for more inspiration.

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