Whether they’re a seasoned comic con- goer or just starting out in the world of cosplay here are some gift ideas… they might just get you a shout out on instagram!

  1. A new Cosplay costume – It’s always good to have some choices for Comic Con!  Whilst it’s great to showcase your homemade Cosplay skills sometimes a ready-made costume makes perfect sense. For our new and exclusive range click here.
Cosplayers are a blessing in disguise. Get it?

2. Sewing kit – every good cosplayer should have a decent sewing kit, ideally travel sized so it can be taken to comic con just in case something goes wrong on the day. Check out this one we picked out for you guys.

This little guy could be a life saver!

3. The perfect comic con hoodie –   an everyday alternative to Cosplay that still offers a nod to your favourite character.  Fun, functional and warm, take a look at our exclusive range of Con hoodies here.

Some cosplayers opt for both a costume and a hoodie!

4. Portable charger – another essential part of the comic con survival kit.  Top of the first world problems list is a phone without power! Here’s one we picked out just for you.

With great power comes great responsibility!

5. Selfie light ring- after spending hours getting the costume/hair/makeup just right it’s most important to get the best possible photo.  Lighting is key – check it out.

Let there be light!

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