Cosplay Company’s ultimate guide to buying the best cosplay gift in 2023

Cosplay Company’s ultimate guide to buying the best cosplay gift in 2023

So, your friend is a cosplayer and you want to surprise them with a present that is perfectly befitting to that which they love the most in this world – Cosplay! Whether it’s the perfect Christmas gift for a cosplayer or perhaps you need a cosplay birthday gift perhaps?  Either way, we have got you covered with our top 10 cosplay gift ideas set out below.

Character T-shirt

A cosplayer always has favourite characters that they love to cosplay the most – you find out who those characters are, and you’ll quickly unlock the key to this great cosplay gift. This one is super easy, everyone loves a t-shirt!

Cosplay Costume

The next level up from a t-shirt is going the whole hog and buying them a full costume. This is tricky and requires a lot of research to find out what characters they might want to cosplay. There is room for error with sizing and so on.

Cinema membership

All cosplayers love the movies. It is home to a huge portion of actors and characters that cosplayers are inspired by. A cinema membership would get them exclusive access to early screenings and the chance to see any movie as often as they like. Brilliant for researching a character’s costume!

Glue Gun

This is an idea that could really stick. Seriously though, every cosplayer needs and uses one. Even if they have one, they always need glue refills!

Sewing Machine

At some stage every cosplayer needs to at least have a go at learning to sew. We all have access to youtube lessons, we don’t however all have access to a sewing machine. There are some decent budget ones out there too if you do your research.

Comic Con ticket

This one works especially well if you want to go to comic con too! In most cases this should be ideal, because - what sane person doesn’t want to go to comic con? The answer is, no sane person wants to go to comic con – which is exactly why it’s better to be a little insane! 2 tickets please!!


A mannequin is really useful for a cosplayer to use whilst working on a new costume. But be careful with this one because, if you are wrapping it up as a gift, it can be very easily confused with a dead body and vice versa. Believe me I’ve been there.

Cosplay Gift card

This is an excellent choice as it doesn’t require you to do as much research. The advantage of a cosplay gift card is that the cosplayer can use it exactly what they want, and you remove the chance that you end up buying them something they don’t want or need. Perfect.


Every cosplayer is an artist in their own right, so it may be safe to assume they will most likely have an appreciation for other types of art. This is another one that needs just a little research but, once you know which characters you are looking for, there are heaps of talented artists out there doing unique prints that make a really great gift. 

Patreon subscription

Tread carefully with this one because there are all kinds of flavours out there on – each to their own I say! You can purchase different levels of access to different cosplayers, which then unlocks unique content for the purchaser. Some of it can be of great use to a cosplayer, there are tutorials, tips and that kind of thing, but you are also stepping into the world of lude cosplay too – so proceed with caution on this one! 


Hope you enjoyed the run down of our ultimate guide to buying the best cosplay gift in 2023!

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