How to make a low cost DIY Dune Stillsuit costume for next to nothing

How to make a low cost DIY Dune Stillsuit costume for next to nothing

There are so many cosplay opportunities in the first Dune movie, we can’t wait for Dune: Part 2, which now has an official release date of November 3, 2023 – perfectly timed for a Halloween costume! Of all the costumes in the first movie, we think the Stillsuit and mask is no doubt, the coolest but also the most difficult to put together.

Worn by the Fremen of planet Arrakis, Stillsuits are designed to capture any moisture that leaves the body and recycle it back into drinkable water. But whilst any ideas to create a functioning suit may be unrealistic, we think we can definitely help with some ideas to make a cosplay costume version that at least looks the part.

Base layer

We think using a grey jumpsuit, overalls or hazmat suit and then some fabric paint to add some additional color and texture is a good starting point. We found this one on ebay for next to nothing!


Next up, you’re going to need some armor of sorts. Ideally try to source some used motorcycle armor and/or some skating elbow and knee pads. The fabric paint may once again come in handy to add make these a little more authentic. Again on eBay, we found the above item for very low cost!


This is an important layer as it adds a softer layer to your costume. Try to find something soft and flowy, a big oversized scarf from ebay or vinted will do it. The most important thing is trying to colour match to your character - Chani wears a sandy coloured shawl, whilst Paul’s is more of dark grey. Also make sure it’s big enough to use as a hood.


One of the final accessories to finish the Stillsuit cosplay are some armored gloves. We found these ones on Etsy were pretty solid.


Last but not least, you’re going to need a mask to finish off the look. There is an affordable replica we found here or here.

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